is a global ecosystem for an efficient, reliable and transparent collective decision making process in any field of economy and social life

Unique technological platform for collective decision making process

State-of-the art technology of asset management empowered by collective intelligence phenomenon

One click fund.
Simplified «One Button» fund creation and administration

Decentralized platform for exchange and trading in rights, liabilities and instances created in the FUNDERY ecosystem

Products and services based on big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning

Scientific research and practical developments in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data

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FUNDERY ecosystem

The FUNDERY decentralized platform allows real-time buying, selling and exchanging rights, liabilities and instances created in the ecosystem. It makes it possible to manage assets inside FUNDERY in a flexible and highly liquid way. On the basis of different marketplaces created on this platform one can trade in cryptoassets of the «real» world. So, this product will look like «exchange of exchanges» for organized interrelations between cryptoeconomic agents. For instance, if there were a classical fund, we would issue tokens for its shares and they would be traded on our platform.

Decision making

Decisions made by a collective are better than the ones made by individual experts even if they are really competent and reputable or by computer-generated algorithms. FUNDERY uses this phenomenon of collective intelligence to build an ecosystem for making collective decisions in all spheres of financial, corporate and civil law relations.

Any decision maybe made by a group of stakeholders joining FUNDERY by means of voting results of which are recorded in a public or private blockchain to ensure transparency and invariability of information.

One click
fund system

The «One Button» fund creation and administration becomes possible due to FUNDERY with its system of investment fund asset collective management. Any company involved in the project may immediately get the investment decision making mechanism up and running — both on the basis of the FUNDERY innovative products and by means of fund asset «conventional;» management. At the same time, the current portfolio state is recorded in the system to audit validity of results for the fund managed by the voting system.


FUNDERY extends the product and service range based on big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning. The ecosystem allows spreading state-of-the-art decision-making technologies built on the collective intelligence power far beyond financial markets or corporate management.

Asset management platform

The state-of-the-art technology of asset management based on collective intelligence is changing the conventional world of investment. Now, decisions are made by investors themselves by means of periodic voting on the structure and shares of the investment portfolio. Mathematical methods of artificial intelligence and big data allow analyzing effectiveness of investment decisions and drawing up recommendations regularly to improve their quality.

Transparency and invariability of information in the asset management process are ensured by the blockchain technology. Investors may directly control investment processes online and do not have to pay either for capital management or for audit.

Principles & technologies

Synthesis of collective intelligence and artificial intelligence ensures high accuracy, deliberateness, appropriateness of investment and other collective decisions made by FUNDERY users.

The decentralized system of information processing and storage entirely rules out cracking, forging, other fraudulent operations.

We ensure unprecedented transparency of making investment and other collective decisions due to the blockchain technology.

Efficiency Weightedness Transparency Yield Risks Threats Costs
Artificial intelligence
Big data
Collective intelligence
Business model

Turnkey solutions to create a fund for managing any asset classes.

Financial decision making systems.

Packaged solutions to manage various asset classes and investment.

Systems for decision-making in collegiate managerial bodies.

Systems for decision-making in design and expert groups including the geographically distributed ones.


Solutions to manage assets for private investors.

An option to set up one’s own fund, one’s family’s or friends’ fund.

Tools to create one’s own rating system in many different spheres.

Tools to select approved advisers.

Connecting to collective intelligence services to solve any tasks connected with family economy and social life.

An option to play the role of a financial adviser, to improve rating and offer one’s services.


Systems for decision-making in collegiate bodies of different branches of government.

Systems for decision-making in self-government (town, municipal level).

Complex solutions on polling, holding referenda and performing electoral actions.


Mechanisms of direct participation in designing and improving the ecosystem products with adequate compensation.


Decentralized exchange, purchase, sale of products, services and rights to them without intermediaries.

Direct interaction between the FUNDERY users for secure and mutually beneficial cooperation, rendering services, co-working at creating products and services.

Defence mechanisms and guarantees of the rights for each ecosystem participant.

Decentralized mechanisms of selecting the collective intelligence «team» for a private investor to make investment decisions.

Target markets
43 trillion $
Fund assets
390 billion $
67 billion $
Big data
46 billion $
Voting technologies
31 billion $
Artificial Intelligence
20 billion $
Blockchain technologies
Road map

The FUNDERY project was born in spring 2017.

In summer 2017 Fundery Ltd. was set up and the FUNDERY Ecosystem started to be developed.

Launching of the first commercial product is expected in the middle of 2018 in case of successful fund-raising planned for the end of 2017.

Asset Management Platform
making system
One click
fund system
Collective intelligence system

By the end of 2018 the Asset Management Platform, the Decision Making System, the One Click Fund System and the Collective Intelligence System will be working in full scope. Some components of the Exchange Platform will also start functioning, and by the middle of 2019 it will be brought into commercial operation in full scope.

We are planning to allocate 10-20% of the budget for Research & Development to set our own rules in emerging markets.

Project team
Scientific boards
Developers team

The FUNDERY strategic partner is the Inter-regional Scientific and Production Cluster «ROSOPERATOR». This is an information systems integrator uniting 14 IT-companies with the staff of more than 200 highly qualified experts. «ROSOPERATOR» works with Russian regions and European countries providing a wide range of services in the field of software development.

«ROSOPERATOR» is the main basis for developing the FUNDERY ecosystem and day by day our fruitful cooperation is strengthening.

Due to the «ROSOPERATOR» significant talent pool the FUNDERY project has an opportunity to solve any issues in no time engaging high-class process engineers and programmers and to promptly implement complicated engineering and processing tasks.

For more details on the «ROSOPERATOR» activity see
The FUNDERY Live mvp is launched
FUNDERY Live – the minimum viable product to manage medium-term investment funds based on the collective intelligence – is launched.
The Company FUNDERY is officially registered
The procedure of the «Fundery», Ltd. (FUNDERY) official registration is completed.
The FUNDERY Live minimum viable product (mvp) development is started
The developers team has started to create FUNDERY Live – the minimum viable product (mvp) of the tool to manage medium-term investment funds based on the collective intelligence.